Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

PocketSprite Is a Little Handheld Video Game Console That Packs a Big Punch

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There’s a developing tendency towards ultra-portable video game consoles, and it is surely a fad we could get behind. You receive all the benefits of a true handheld: real tactile buttons, long battery life, and actual games, with none of the drawbacks of playing in an emulator in your smartphone.

At first glance, the PocketSprite resembles a number of the miniature handhelds on the current market, but even in. The majority of similar devices are constructed on Arduinos, however the PocketSprite is running in an ESP32 and contains a 240MHz quad-core chip.

That is all packaged interior of an injection-molded ABS instance, also Crowd Provide backers can buy it either constructed or in a hacker-friendly apparel form. And, ROMs can be moved to the PocketSprite through WiFi. Birds can catch one.

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