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8 Handheld Game Consoles All 80s Kids Wanted To Own

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All Kids Wanted To Have Console!

A handheld game console is a video game console which includes its own built in speakers display and controls.

Below are just 8 handheld game consoles we all think all of 80s children wanted to possess, and we’d love to hear that your handheld gaming abilities. Make sure you post a comment telling us, in addition to letting us know just how many you were able to receive your grubby childhood hands on that one was your favorite!

And make certain to discuss this article with your fellow children they also can have a look back at these game!

1. Game Boy

It moved on to be published in North America on 31st also in Europe.

The Game Boy went against Atari’s Lynx, Sega’s Game Gear, and the TurboExpress of NEC, and it outsold them . The Game Boy’s entire shipment of a million units offered in a couple of weeks in the usa, and it, together with its successor the Game Boy Color, has offered a total of over 118 million units.

2. Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx was the very first which had a screen, in addition to the first color handheld games console. Additionally, it came with numerous different attributes, like media support for as many as 18 players, and also the capacity to flip it upside down to encourage left handed players.

The Lynx was expensive and using a selection of games and a battery life to play on it, meaning it was regarded as a failure.

3. TurboExpress

Does anybody recall the TurboExpress of NEC? This managed to play with all of the TurboGrafx-16’s games, and was the most innovative game console of its time.

4. Bitcorp Gamate

It couldn’t compete with the number of Game Boys but it does still hold some interest.

Just around 70 games were ever produced for the Gamate, and it is one of those consoles which appears as the years have gone , to have slipped beneath the radar.

5. Sega Game Gear

Sega are a Japanese computer game developer and writer, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and offices all over the globe. They are known for publishing lots of selling game franchises, the most notable of course being the Hedgehog.

The Game Gear was Sega colour console and was released in Japan in 1990 and in North America and Europe. Like any other console, it could not compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy, but it did last longer than other rivals, resulting in Sega temporarily considering a followup.

6. Watara Supervision

The Watara Supervision was released in 1992, and in an effort to compete with the Nintendo Game Boy it had a very similar design.

It couldn’t match the Game Boy’s earnings figures, although it was moderately effective.

7. Hartung Game Master

It can be difficult for collectors and had been obscure.

The Hartung Game Master has been available in white, black, and purple, and is considered to have had 20 games to play it.

8. Sega Nomad

The Sega Nomad was a variant of Sega’s’Genesis’ residence console.

Sega introduced quite a few pc games consoles involving 1983 to 2001, however after incurring substantial financial losses following the launch of it is brilliant but unfortunate’Dreamcast’ games console they chose instead to concentrate on supplying applications as a third party programmer. They do however remain the world’s most successful manufacturer of cabinets, having generated over 500 matches in 70 franchises since 1981.

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